Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Anglo Gold Ashanti has a globally diverse, world-class portfolio of operations and projects. Anglo Gold Ashanti is the third-largest gold mining company in the world, measured by production. It has 17 gold mines in 9 countries, as well as several exploration programs in both established and new gold producing regions of the world.

Anglo Gold Ashanti produced 3.95Moz of gold in 2015, generating $4.02bn in gold income, utilizing $857mn capital expenditure. AngloGold Ashanti has an attributable Ore Reserve of 51.7Moz of gold and an attributable Mineral Resource of 207.80Moz.

Challenges or Demands

With the growing radio traffic, Anglo Gold Ashanti realized the inferiority of its obsolete analog communication system and recognized that it's essential and urgent to upgrade to a digital system. Besides, the mines are underground and the working environment is very noisy, they expect crystal clear voice, visualized dispatching and real-time personnel locating services to maintain effective operations and maximize safety for their workers. In addition, the solution is supposed to be available for further upgrade in the future.

Hytera Solution

After a detailed on-site survey, Hytera set up an appropriate number of repeaters so that coverage could be assured across the whole area.

Hytera offered digital radios PD68XGMD and PD78XGMD that have 16 hours of battery life and an IP67 rating. Users can rely on their radios for day-to-day operations no matter what the conditions are. In addition to conventional voice services, the radios feature more powerful security functions such as man down that can further enhance emergency handling capabilities for managers; and built-in GPS function that can assist managers to see where individual radios are in real time. Most importantly, the radios help respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

The Benefits

  • Managers are able to dispatch, coordinate and communicate with workers in these two mines from a central location.
  • Users are enjoying high quality audio, as well as the longer battery life.
  • The value-added features such as Man down and GPS tracking ensure the safety of the mine workers.
  • Smart Dispatch System improves their efficiency dramatically.

The solutions satisfy customer demands while minimizing their investment and staying available for smooth upgrade to Hytera XPT and SmartOne systems in the future.

Voice from Customer

“After it was decided to standardize on the Hytera products for the transformation from Analog to Digital the product impresses me every day.”
“Our head of the security gave us a big thump up. He was very impressed with the product after using it in operation. I'm very satisfied with Hytera products.”
—— Stefan van der Merwe, the Telecommunications Manager of Anglo Gold Ashanti
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24 March 2020