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The world is now moving into an era of intelligent connectivity where Smart Home and Smart Building systems, Internet of Things, VR, AR and Artiöcial Intelligence (AI) are emerging. As the demand for the mobile office and high-quality broadband data services grows stronger among critical communications users, it is clear that traditional narrowband PMR radios are no longer able to meet all their needs.

End-users need a smart radio able to adapt to increasingly complex work scenarios and which helps them focus on the task at hand. The two smart devices now available for critical communications users that meet these needs are rugged smart radios and rugged smartphones.

This guide has been developed to explain why multi-mode advanced radios are suitable for industry users. Download it now to help improve your understanding of the technology and business benefits.

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  • Chaneg of user demand during the evolution from narrowband to broadband
  • Smart devices in the critical communications industry
  • Why multi-mode advanced radios are suitable for industry users
  • Future prospects