What is PoC?

Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) technology enables subscribers to make one-to-many calls to different groups of people at the same time over a mobile operator’s network. One person can be in continuous half-duplex PTT communication with one or more active call groups with a single push of a physical button or touch screen.

There is no need for the caller to dial a phone number. The connection is made almost instantly providing a low latency to rival private PTT calls on Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks, also known as Land Mobile Radio (LMR). Unlike most PMR networks (unless they are national networks) subscribers also benefit from an almost unlimited coverage range as they can talk to anyone within the mobile network’s national coverage footprint.

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A new generation of management systems

Hytera's PoC range also showcases benefits on management systems, allowing them to be easier to use and reducing the need for high investment. This is because Hytea's PoC management systems do not require a network to be established in order for them to operate effectively. Dynamically assigning resource to maximise channel capacity, the Hytera PoC systems support a rich variety of voice and data services – including man down, lone worker monitoring and high speed emergency response coordination. Caller ID ensures central control teams can immediately identify every radio user, taking advantage of caller interrupt to break into radio traffic to send out priority transmissions.

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Introducing Full Series of Hytera PoC Radios

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