Hytera DMR Firmware Upgrade Notification (March.6, 2020)

Company News

In order to continue with excellent customer service, Hytera will support dealers and customers to upgrade DMR terminals to specified versions before we provide any other services.

DMR R9.2 (V9.02.01.009.iM) applies to PD6X2 / PD7X2 / PD982 / MD652 / MD782 / X1 series.

DMR R9.2 (V9.02.01.004.iM) applies to RD622/RD962/RD982/RD982-S series.

DMR R7.7 (V7.07.01.004.iM) applies to PD502/PD562 series.

DMR R3.0 (V3.0002101 and V3.0.002103) applies to PDC760.

Please contact your dealer or Hytera Australia for this important firmware upgrade. The firmware is available at Hytera partner portal (http://partner.hytera.com).