More Hytera to be implemented in Shenzhen metro line

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Hytera has signed a new contract worth US$30 million to provide the entire integrated communication solutions with systems, equipment, terminals and services for the Shenzhen Metro Line.

Hytera Signed USD 30 Million Contract with Shenzhen Metro Line 12 To Provide Integrated Communication Solutions1

In the last few years, Hytera has supported five metro lines with its TETRA and PDT on-board systems, plus a host of added services of secure radio communications to improve dispatching and operation efficiency. Line 11, in particular, serves as both the airport line and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity rail line. Hytera provides a complete 800M TETRA digital trunking solution including DIB-R5 base stations, on-board mobile radios and handheld radios, as well as a 400M PDT station management system, which enables effective communication, dispatching and voice recording across the control centre, train drivers and station operation staff.

As the first metro lines with full coverage of 5G signals in China, Lines 6 and 10 cover a length of 78.7 kilometres with 47 stations, including the busiest metro interchange stations in Shenzhen. The objective is to cover as wide an area as possible and also provide easy connections to other metro lines, railway stations and surrounding cities.

Hytera applied both 800M TETRA solution and 400M PDT solution to provide voice and data communication across control centres, station operators, train drivers and maintenance personnel, allowing individual and group voice calls with on-board terminals and handheld radios. These solutions have improved both the management for the metro system operators as well as the services offered to the public.

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10 September 2021