Two-way radios in the workplace

Two-Way Radios

If you’re looking to increase productivity and effectiveness within the workplace, two way radios can provide a sound investment. Two-way radios offer many potential benefits, along with functionality that often outweighs other communication devices. So what exactly are these benefits and how can businesses capitalise on them?

Communicating Effectively Within Business

You can work on the move

Jobs that require employees to work on a shop or factory floor, in any industrial plant or within an educational establishment all require mobile working, so a fixed phone just won’t cut it here.

Two way radios can also be beneficial for when a group of employees need to engage with each other at the same time. With a two-way network, one person can call multiple colleagues all at once with the push of a button. Handsets can also be comfortably carried by workers for long periods in a belt clip, pocket or holster.

Why not just use a mobile phone?

Thanks to technology advancements, smart phones are now cutting-edge and capable of a multitude of different tasks. So you may be wondering whether they are a viable option for the workplace?

Whilst the mobile phone takes care of location issues, it cannot always be relied upon for battery life and strength of signal. In particular, mobile phone signal is widely known to be insufficient in certain areas, and this simply won’t work in organisations where communication is business critical.

Durability is also a key issue. Mobile phones are often too fragile for many working environments.

Enter the two way radio…

Digital mobile radio allows increased reliability and clearer communication. Background noise cancellation allows users to transmit in the busiest environments.

It’s also worth pointing out that if an employee finds themselves in an emergency situation, they don’t need to be as concerned with the service becoming overloaded, as can so often be the case when using a mobile phone.

Immediate Communication

Users of the two-way radio only need to press one button to be able to speak to someone. This is called ‘Push-To-Talk’.

Work contacts can also be programmed in advance, which cuts out a lengthy task looking through a directory to try and find someone’s contact information.This means that in the event of a critical situation, instant communication can be achieved, which is invaluable when you have staff members working in a high risk environment.

Complications and malfunctions with equipment or machinery are commonplace in heavy industry and will inevitably require a quick response. Two way radio communication at the touch of a button allows safety to be better managed.

When living and working in such a modern world, it’s often easy to overlook the two-way radio. However, even with all of the advancements of mobile phones and online messaging systems out there today, it remains an essential communication tool for many businesses.