Base Band Unit (BBU)

Multi-standard support, High performance, High reliability, Flexible deployment

The Base Band Unit (BBU) constitutes an eNodeB together with the Remote Radio Unit (RRU). It performs service processing as well as system operation, maintenance, and control.


Supports LTE/PMR, realizing smooth transition from narrowband to wideband

Provide 150 Mbps downlink and 75 Mbps uplink thoughtput

Supports 10800 users per station and 256 groups per cell

Group call setup time < 300ms, talk right application time < 200ms

Supports 1+1 backup for key units

Supports standalone mode to provide a stable and efficient service in case of an eTC malfunction

Supports flexible switch over to upgrade and expand capacity


Hytera LTE-PMR Convergence Solution Introduction

Viewing time: 03:38

It is good that data services from commercial LTE carriers can support the data requirements for daily routine scenarios. But it's a totally different picture if you want to swap your private PMR network with LTE service. So why not unify the narrowband PMR and broadband LTE networks?

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