What Is eMBMS

The fast-growing demand for video and multimedia content over mobile networks leads to high requirements in terms of data rate and radio resource management. According to the multicast standard in 3GPP LTE, evolved Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (eMBMS) is one of the most viable solutions to meet such standards. MBMS Single-Frequency Networks (MBSFN) is an operation mode that allows combining of MBMS transmissions from closely time-synchronized cells by using the same radio resource across those cells. In this way the signals can be combined constructively and the spectrum efficiency is improved.

This white paper aims to provide a comprehensive insight of the mechanism of eMBMS and MBSFN, as well as their implementation in Hytera P-LTE system.

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What you will Learn?

  • What is eMBMS
  • Why is eMBMS important to public safety
  • eMBMS system architecture
  • Hytera eMBMS Solution
  • Comparison between Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast